Planning Board Meeting Monday February 14, 2022

Open Agenda

1. Manor Building Development, LLC (Applicant) 00:02:35

& PBL Properties, LLC (Owner) – Request for a 10-lot Cluster Residential Subdivision, located at 72 New Boston Road and Roblin Road, Lot 1-44, Zoned RA.

2. Jack Carnevale (Applicant) and Carnevale Spa 00:48:10

Associates, LLC (Owner) – Request for Lot Line Adjustment and Consolidation Approval for three lots, located on Olde Bedford Way, Lots 10-50-5, 13-40-1 & 13-40-2, Zoned CO & RA.

3. Carnevale Spa Associates, LLC (Applicant&Owner) 00:53:13

Request for Site Plan Approval for a nine-unit single-family age-restricted (elderly housing) development, located at 18 Olde Bedford Way, Lots 13-40-2 & 10-50-5, Zoned CO & RA.

4. West Street Keene, LLC c/o Riley Enterprises 01:21:22

(Applicant & Owner) – Request for Site Plan Approval for a change of use to convert a 3,024 SF restaurant use to a personal service establishment, located at 28 South River Road, Lot 11-12, Zoned PZ.

5. ER Bedford, LLC c/o Encore Retail, LLC 01:25:40

(Applicant & Owner) – Request for final architectural approval of six buildings (Buildings C1, C2, D, F, G and the Barn) in the proposed ‘Market & Main’ mixed-use development at 125 South River Road (former Macy’s site), Lots 12-33, 12-33-1 & 12-33-2, Zoned PZ.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 02:45:21

January 24, 2022

Communications to the Board 02:45:44

Reports of Committees 02:46:18