Planning Board Meeting, Monday December 20, 2021

Open Agenda

Group I Realty, Inc. (Postponed) 00:02:19

Group I Realty, Inc. (Applicants & Owners) – Request for Site Plan Amendment for architectural modifications and a sign waiver for building signage greater than 32 square feet, located at 18 Kilton Road (Ira Lexus), Lot 12-28-1, Zoned PZ. (At the request of the applicant, this application is postponed to the January 10, 2022 meeting.)

Land Development Control Regulation Article 120 00:03:42

Discussion of updates to Land Development Control Regulation Article 120 – Impact Fees, for adjustments to the School and Recreation fee amounts

Proposed zoning amendments and citizens’ petitions 00:26:05

The Planning Board will read and post all proposed zoning amendments and citizens’ petitions. The Board will officially announce the dates of the two public hearings.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 01:12:30

Communications to the Board 01:13:30