School Board Meeting, Monday November 22, 2021

Open Agenda

Public Hearing on Acceptance of a Gift 00:00:59

Proposed Action: The School Board is holding this public hearing regarding its intention to accept a financial gift from Bedford Friends of Recreation and Bedford Basketball League. Pursuant to RSA 198:20-b, III, gifts in the amount of $5,000 or more shall require the Board to hold a public hearing regarding any action to be taken with the gift.

Proposed Agenda Item for Deliberative Session 00:05:31

Policy JICH-V.2- 2nd Read 00:08:13

Proposed Action: Superintendent Fournier will bring Policy JICH- v.2 - Drug and/or Alcohol Use by Students back to the Board for a second read and vote.

BEA Contract 00:12:56

Proposed Action: Superintendent Fournier will share the details of the negotiated agreement between the BEA and the Bedford School Board and request a vote to ratify the agreement.

SG2 - Stress and Anxiety + Mental Health 00:34:34

Proposed Action: Superintendent Fournier and Vice Chair Jennato will share a draft version of SG2- Stress and Anxiety + Mental Health with the Board for discussion.

Minutes 01:18:00

Minutes Draft Minutes of 11.01.22 Draft Minutes of 11.09.21

Materials Included 01:18:20

Consent Agenda 01:18:26

Short Subjects 01:18:46