Planning Board Meeting, Monday October 25, 2021

Open Agenda

AP. 1 Circle Drive Associates, LLC 00:02:45

Circle Drive Associates, LLC (Applicant & Owner) – Request to amend the conditions of final site plan approval granted by the Planning Board on October 13, 2020, for the proposed Sebbins Brook Crossing residential development, which includes 142 units of multifamily workforce housing and 96 units of elderly housing (age 55 and over), at South River Road across from Iron Horse Drive, Lots 35-98-5 and 35-98-40, Zoned PZ.

AP. 2 . Mega-X, LLC c/o Elie ElChafoun 00:50:21

Mega-X, LLC c/o Elie ElChafoun (Applicant) and New Sunset Realty, LLC (Owner) – Request for Site Plan Amendment to amend the proposed hours of operation from 5AM to 11PM daily, to 24 hours per day for a gasoline service station and convenience store, located at 195 South River Road, Lot 22-23, Zoned PZ

AP. 3 Charles River Realty Group 01:08:49

Charles River Realty Group (Applicant) and River Glen Development c/o Adobe Builders of NH (Owner) – Request for a conceptual discussion for an electric automobile dealership and associated parking and site improvements, located at South River Road, Lot 35-3-1, Zoned PZ.

Approval of Minutes 01:41:45

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings (September 27, 2021 & October 11, 2021)