School Board Meeting, Tuesday 10-12-21

Open Posted Agenda

Public Hearing on Acceptance of a Gift 00:01:06

Proposed Action: The School Board is holding this public hearing regarding its intention to accept an anonymous gift. Pursuant to RSA 198:20-b, III, gifts in the amount of $5,000 or more shall require the Board to hold a public hearing regarding any action to be taken with the gift.

Public Comment 00:10:09

Draft Policy BEDH 00:12:53

Proposed Action: Superintendent Fournier along with Assistant Chair Sue Jennato and Chair Bill Foote will present the proposed changes to draft Policy BEDH- Public Participation at School Board Meetings for Board review.

Dual and Concurrent Learning 00:24:59

Proposed Action: The Superintendent seeks Board approval for Chair Foote to sign off on the updated Dual and Concurrent Learning agreement.

Symptomatic vs Asymptomatic Testing 00:38:16

Proposed Action: The Superintendent will explain to the Board the two kinds of Covid testing being provided by Bedford School District.

Minutes 00:49:10

Minutes Draft Minutes of 09.13.21 Public Hearing revisited Draft Minutes of 09.13.21 Draft Minutes of 09.27.21 Public Hearing Draft Minutes of 09.27.21

Materials Included 00:51:41

Enrollment Report Suspension Reports In School Out of School Bullying Report

Consent Agenda 00:55:21

Short Subjects 00:55:36