School Board Meeting Monday 9-27-21

Open Posted Agenda

Public Hearing on Acceptance of a Gift 00:00:39

Proposed Action: The School Board is holding this public hearing regarding its intention to accept a donation made by Dan Zotto in memory of his late wife Boo Zotto. Pursuant to RSA 198:20-b, III, gifts in the amount of $5,000 or more shall require the Board to hold a public hearing regarding any action to be taken with the gift.

Public Comment 00:04:59

Reopening Update 00:06:17

Proposed Action: Superintendent Fournier will share the most current information with the Board relative to the Reopening Plan for the 2021/22 school year.

Public Comment 00:13:04

DEI 02:10:11

Proposed Action: The Superintendent will recommend that the Board adopt the Advisory Committee’s definitions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Public Comment 02:17:02

Minutes 02:52:55

Consent Agenda 02:53:11

Short Subjects 02:53:37