Planning Board Meeting Monday September 13, 2021

Open Agenda

Call to Order and Roll Call 00:00:01

Capital Improvement Plan Draft 00:00:49

AP 1. R.J. Kelly Co., Inc. 00:04:44

R.J. Kelly Co., Inc. (Applicant) & Colby Court Owner, LLC (Owner) – Request for Site Plan Approval for a change of use to convert an existing retail building (formerly Walmart) to a light industrial manufacturing facility, located at 17 Colby Court, Lot 11- 25-1, Zoned PZ.

AP 2. Michael McDonough 00:37:05

Michael McDonough (Applicant), LMJ Properties, LLC (Owner) - Request for approval of a time extension to meet conditions of approval for a subdivision of one lot into three residential parcels at 98 Perry Road and Joppa Hill Road, Lot 18-7-6, Zoned R&A

AP 3. Peter Goedecke (Applicant) & Alan Goedecke 00:40:07

Peter Goedecke (Applicant) & Alan Goedecke (Owner) - Request for re-approval of a site plan amendment to add a second floor with 1,200 square-feet of office space to the Goedecke Decorating Center, 284 Route 101, Lot 27-55, Zoned CO.

Concept Proposals and Other Business 00:44:48

The Planning Board will review and offer comments on the proposed Capital Improvements Plan for 2022

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings 00:53:02

Communications to the Board 00:54:12