Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday August 26, 2021

Open Agenda

Quorum Count (5) 00:00:00

Approval of Minutes 7/2021 00:00:30

School projects 00:01:22

John Schneller/Bill Foote/Bart Fromuth

Solsmart (Lori/John/Tom) 00:09:49

1. 2. Update from Lori and email from Solsmart

EV charging stations from Bart, Andrew, John 00:09:58

1. Tim reached out to Todd Selig in Durham, nothing back yet A. Richard Reine, Director of Public Works and Engineering in Durham and also a Bedford resident. He sent info along about what they are doing and would be happy to join a meeting as well.

Legislative update – Chris Bandazian 00:31:41

Town Pool PV Shade/Shelter 00:59:54