School Board Meeting, Monday August 9, 2021

Open Posted Agenda

Opening Plan 00:01:06

Superintendent Fournier will share the most current information with the Board relative to the Reopening Plan for the 2021/22 school year.

Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:08:01

While we encourage public participation at board meetings, please refrain from expressions of support or disagreement (applause, etc.) during the meeting. Residents who take 2-3 minutes to make formal comments bearing difficult feedback, unconventional, or unpopular ideas are welcome and should feel comfortable commenting. Outbursts of any kind can disrupt the decorum of the meeting and the purpose of public comments. Thank you for your cooperation. Citizen participation can occur in two ways: a. Written comments can be submitted directly to the School Board at b. Comments can be made in person during the designated time for public comments.

HiSet 00:21:05

Assistant Superintendent Laliberte will share information with the Board relative to their previous questions on the HiSet proposal brought to the Board at the June 28, 2021 meeting.

TriPod Results 00:59:30

Superintendent Fournier will share the results with the Board from the TriPod Surveys.

Policy BEDG- 1st Read 01:14:38

Superintendent Fournier will bring forward Policy BEDG - Minutes of School Board Meetings for Board review and comment.

Policy KD- 3rd Read and Vote 01:46:20

Superintendent Fournier will bring Policy KD - School District Social Media Websites to the Board for a 3rd read and vote.

Transportation Contract 01:51:40

Business Administrator Lisa Ambrosio will speak to the Board about the possible changes to the Transportation Contract.

Minutes 02:05:44

Draft Minutes of 06.28.21 Draft Minutes of 07.12.21

Consent Agenda 02:06:18

7.16.21 BMO and 7.22.21 Manifests (already signed) 08.10.21 Manifest Nominations-new hires

Short Subjects 02:07:40

Nonpublic Session Per RSA 91-A:3, II (a) 02:12:51

Personnel - Employee Matter