School Board Meeting, Monday July 12, 2021

Open Posted Agenda

Reopening Update 00:00:39

Superintendent Fournier will update the Board on the Reopening Plan for the 2021/2022 School year.

Policy KD- 2nd Read and Vote 00:17:27

Proposed Action: Superintendent Fournier will bring draft Policy KD - School District Social Media Websites back to the Board for discussion and a vote.

Policy BEDH- 1st Read and Discussion 00:31:47

Superintendent Fournier and School Board Member Jennato will bring Policy BEDH-Public Participation at School Board Meetings to the Board for a first read and discussion.

Minutes 00:49:42

Draft Minutes of 06.28.21 Public Hearing Draft Minutes of 06.28.21 Meeting

Materials Included 00:53:13

Consent Agenda 00:53:22

Consent Agenda Manifests of 07.13.21 - FY21 & FY22(two signature pages) Nominations

Short Subjects 00:58:37