Energy Commission Meeting, Thursday June 24, 2021

Open Agenda

Approval of Minutes 00:00:37

a. 4/22/21 b. 5/27/21

Reports of Members and Committees 00:01:24

ports of Members and Committees a. Legislative update – Chris Bandazian b. School projects – John Schneller/Bill Foote/Bart Fromuth

Solsmart (Lori/John/Tom) 00:11:41

1. 2. Update from Lori and email from Solsmart

EV charging stations from Bart, Andrew, John 00:18:23

1. Tim had conversation with Josh Bourdon from Derry town council about their EV charging and challenges. 2. Tim reached out to Todd Seling in Durham, nothing back yet A. Richard Reine, Director of Public Works and Engineering in Durham and also a Bedford resident. He sent info along about what they are doing and would be happy to join a meeting as well.

Solar Farm at the Transfer Station 00:19:47

1. John info from other towns that able to do with <1MW net metering

Town Pool PV Shade/Shelter 00:21:00

Public Works Highway Garage 00:24:38

Public Works Highway Garage PV Vehicle Port/Shelter(s)

Municipal Aggregation Cost Analysis 00:24:54

Municipal Aggregation Cost Analysis and Presentation (Tim, Andrew, Bing, Tom). 1. Meeting being set up to have Ryan Polson from Standard Power come in and present again about since coming in in 2019. Likely July meeting.