School Board Meeting, Monday June 14, 2021

Open Posted Agenda

Comments or Written Statements from the Public 00:00:40

Nomination for Director of Technology 00:05:57

Superintendent Fournier will introduce his nomination for the position of Director of Technology to the Board.

Summer Hiring Memo 00:09:27

Superintendent Fournier will request summer hiring authority from the Board.

Extended Transportation Contract 00:11:12

Business Administrator Ambrosio will ask for the Boards input on a one year or a multi year extension.

Policy GBEC - 1st Read 00:27:48

Superintendent Fournier will share the draft version of GBEC - Drug- Free Workplace and Drug-Free Schools for the Boards review and questions.

Policy AC - 2nd Read and Vote 00:36:05

Superintendent Fournier will share the revisions suggested by District counsel Kathy Peahl. He will request a vote on the adoption of this policy.

Reopening Plan Timeline 00:38:47

Superintendent Fournier will share information on the reopening timeline as requested by the ARP ESSER LEA allocation.

Minutes 01:01:02

Consent Agenda 01:07:20

Short Subjects 01:10:04